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Mailing address:
Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Viikintie 49 (P.O. Box 57)
00014 University of Helsinki
tel. +358 294 1911 (exchange)
fax +358 2941 57281
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Visiting addresses:
Small Animal Hospital
Koetilantie 2, Helsinki
Equine Hospital
Koetilankuja 1, Helsinki
Production Animal Hospital
Leissantie 41, Mäntsälä

Jussi Anttila
hospital director,
tel. + 358 2941 57293

Anne Neva
tel. +358 2941 57286

Liisi Vanhala ,
tel. +358 2941 57366

Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Welcome to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital!

The Veterinary Teaching Hospital helps small and large animals alike. We are the only veterinary hospital in Finland that is open 24 hours every day, throughout the year.

Kindly note that we receive patients by appointment from the whole Finland, Baltic countries and Russia.

The Small Animal Hospital and Equine Hospital are located in Viikki, Helsinki, while the Production Animal Hospital is in the village of Saari, in Mäntsälä.