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Anna Hielm-Björkman, DVM, PhD, CVA (IVAS)

Assistant Professor (Osteoarthritis research and treatment, Chronic pain evaluation and treatment, Canine nutrition, Complementary veterinary medicine)

E-mail: anna.hielm-bjorkman (at)

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Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Dept. of Equine and Small Animal Medicine
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00014 Helsinki University
Finland, Europe

The Helsinki Chronic Pain Index

Updated: 5th of September 2012

Dear HCPI users.

As we are in the process of translating the Helsinki Chronic Pain Index into other languages we have discovered that the first translation of it from Finnish to the English language was not optimal. It was done with the help of a translating bureau and we now realize that it should have included more veterinary input. Therefore it has now been translated again and we suggest that you use the new translation – the HCPI-E2- when you want to evaluate the change in canine chronic pain. It is also much closer to the original Finnish version.

The original HCPI is still the same questionnaire and has not changed at all. It is still validated in Finnish and the first English HCPI questionnaire has also been tested in England and found valid (Fachon & Grandjean 2007; Walton 2011, Wernham et al. 2011). But when doing this job the English researchers commented on owners having had the notion that their dogs ”would, yes, like to gallop, but were not able to!” . As this was the case in the original version we had it retranslated.

Compared to the old HCPI the new HCPI-E2 has a changed wording in many of the questions – and we have also corrected some spelling mistakes. The new HCPI-E2 (from English translation number 2) can be found here. The old HCPI should not be used any more but if you need it for research purposes it can be mailed to you. Please then contact me on:

Please also look at new info under the topic “Can you help translate or test the HCPI?
If you have any questions regarding the old or new HCPI, please contact me via e-mail:

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