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Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine safeguards the health and wellbeing of animals and people. It is the only institution of higher education in Finland to educate veterinary surgeons. The Faculty’s operations are located at the Viikki Campus and Saari in Mäntsälä.


A new book on the lactating sow available

Lactating sow book

This new book published on 2015 shares up-to-date knowledge on the gestating and lactating sow. Professor Olli Peltoniemi and DVM Claudio Oliviero from the Department of Production Animal Medicine have contributed to the new book with the chapter on housing, management and environment during farrowing and early lactation.

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Ingrid Hang received a post doctoral research grant from Finnish Culture Foundation

Ingrid Hang

Ingrid Hang (DVM, PhD) has been awarded a one-year post doctoral research grant of 28.000 EUR from the Finnish Culture Foundation. The grant was announced on the 27 February at the Annual Gala of the Foundation.

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A new inherited disease identified in calves of the Ayrshire breed


The research group led by Professor Magnus Andersson has discovered a new inherited disease that causes ptosis, retarded growth, intellectual disability and mortality in Ayrshire calves. The disease proved to be associated with a mutation in UBE3B gene. Of the 129 tested Ayrshire AI bulls recently used in Finland, 17% carried the mutation. Moreover, UBE3B mutation may be connected to AH1 haplotype, which is associated with reduced fertility and has a carrier frequency of 26.1% in the North American Ayrshire population. The study was published in BMC genomics journal on 12 October 2014.

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Defence: High-protein diet plays a key role in changing the intestinal microbiota and its metabolic activity, possibly leading to intestinal inflammation and diarhhoea


Knowledge about the modulation of canine intestinal microbiota, bacteria-derived metabolic products, intestinal inflammatory status and adaptive exocrine pancreatic secretion in response to macronutrients is limited. However, such information is necessary to investigate further the complex interplay between host and intestinal microbiota in response to changes of diet. DVM Ingrid Hang's reasearch for PhD thesis focuses upon the influence of dite on intestinal microbiota, bacteria-derived metabolic products and pancreatic enzymes in dogs. Hang's research suggests that a high-protein greaves-meal diet can be associated with elevated inflammation status in dogs.

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Discovery of mutated gene in dogs could help treat blindness


A Finnish-North American collaboration of scientists at Michigan State University and the University of Helsinki has found a MERTK gene defect responsible for a recently identified form of progressive retinal atrophy in Swedish vallhund dogs. This discovery opens the door to the development of therapies for diseases that cause blindness both in dogs and humans.

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Defence: Hormones and genetic susceptibility behind crib-biting behaviour in horses


Crib-biting in horses is an oral stereotype. The exact reasons for and mechanism underlying the development of crib-biting is not known. MA Karin Hemmann found in her doctoral dissertation that plasma concentrations of the metabolic hormones ghrelin and leptin are associated with crib-biting behaviour. In addition, Hemmann's study indicates that susceptibility to crib-biting is inheritable.

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Professor Willem M. de Vos thrives with young talents

Willem de Vos

Professor Willem M. de Vos was included in the recent Thomson Reuters list of the world's most influential scientific minds of 2014. We decided to find out what is his research all about.

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David Argüelles Capilla is in charge of the Equine Surgery Service at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital

David Arguelles

David Argüelles Capilla is working as equine surgeon at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Viikki since 2012. David brings top expertise in the field of veterinary equine surgery to the Equine hospital as he is the only board certified veterinary equine surgeon currently working in Finland.

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